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Connecting the Unity Profiler to your iOS Device
·261 words·2 mins
A quick walkthrough of how to set up the Unity profiler to connect to your iOS device
Resizing Textures In Unity
·1167 words·6 mins
This article covers how to write your own tools for resizing textures in Unity3D
MonoDevelop Syntax Highlighing Themes
·238 words·2 mins
C# Syntax highlighting theme for MonoDevelop and Unity
Game Jam to Shipped Game
·1380 words·7 mins
Helping new game makers get their games finished and to market.
Lists and Linq in Unity, do it!
·684 words·4 mins
A little intro into using Linq in Unity for managing things like inventories and store catalogs.
Top 5 Coffee Shops in LA
·523 words·3 mins
Let’s kick this off with one of the most important programming principles of them all… coffee!