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MonoDevelop Syntax Highlighing Themes

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Setting up your workspace is usually a tedious thing. You have everything how you like it and then, you upgrade. Then you have to invest hours to get it back to a zen state of mind. I am that way with my syntax highlighting. After using the traditional white Visual Studio default color scheme for so long that I had to get glasses from the glare, I decided to make a code coloring scheme that was easy on my eyes and still has come Collective Mass flare to it. I had it all going in VS but then moved to Mono. Arg!!! As luck would have it, MonoDevelop does allow you to set your theme, its just a little bit tricky because you have to add the .xml extension onto it to get the system to recognize. In a hope that my hours of faffing around would be a benefit to others, I am sharing my scheme, just download from the link below.

To install it, on Mac, go to MonoDevelop->Preferences and then in the options window that comes up, under the title “Text Editor”, select “Syntax Highlighting”. Once there, just click on “Add” and select the file above.

I hope this is of use to some of you. If you are know a little css, you can edit this theme and make it your own. The more cool themes, the better!

Update: Visual Studio Theme

Roger Miller
Roger Miller
With 25 years in the technology industry, 6 in XR, 10 in the game industry, and on 4 continents, Roger comes with a breadth of knowledge. He has worked with industry-leading companies such as Ogilvy One, Amazon, and Meta, been a vendor for entertainment companies such as Unity, Amazon, Disney, and HBO, created solutions for BMW and Deloitte, and been nominated for awards such as the IMGA. He has spoken at Unity Unite, is a frequent speaker at Unity User Groups all over the country, and founded the Unity User Group in Bend, OR.