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Roger Miller

Roger Miller

With 25 years in the technology industry, 6 in XR, 10 in the game industry, and on 4 continents, I may know some stuff.

The Collective Mass welcomes you, weary internet traveler. I love Unity, I make games and I love sharing my findings with the world. When loving so many seat-locking activities, one needs to get up and out, and so must eat good food and drink good coffee. These I hope to share as well. To good code, coffee, and grub, cheers!

Everything shared here is my own opinion and does not in any way reflect those of whoever I have the privilege of currently working for.

These are some of the distilled principles I try to create by. I hope to add to them but the list seems to shrink with the more experience I gain.

  • Simplicity is king
  • Fight the problem, not the people
  • Make it work, make it right, make it fast


Unity Myth Buster: GameObject.Transform VS Cached Transform
·661 words·4 mins
The performance testing of Unity’s GameObject.Transform vs cached Transform. Proving our assumption that caching the transform object is faster.
Getting started with the Magic Leap One
·1143 words·6 mins
Getting started with programming for the Magic Leap One using Unity. We will cover benefits and pitfalls for creating and deploying to the Magic Leap One.
Upgrading TextMesh Pro from an old Unity project
·811 words·4 mins
In this little brain dump, we are going to chat about migrating old projects TextMesh Pro to the latest Unity package managed version.
Performance Myth Busters: Variable Allocation
·261 words·2 mins
In Unity Performance Myth Busters I take an assumption and check if it’s still valid or just programming superstition. Today we will be looking at variable allocation!
Unity Debug Diaries: Camera Glitch in Unity VR
·374 words·2 mins
One bug that I encountered that was tricky to nail down, was an optical glitch when moving from one part of my app to the next. It looks like an uninitialized RenderTexture, different every time and with glitchy artifacts everywhere.
Linear & Gamma Color Space in Unity & VR
·223 words·2 mins
Color space will come up sooner or later in your journey through game development. Here is a good place to get started on your journey to understanding this game dev essential!