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LA Unity User Group with Zhenping Guo from Unity China

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At last night’s Los Angeles Unity User Group, we had the privilege to listen to Zhenping Guo from Unity China. He gave us a great double session, first about performance optimization in Unity and secondly about Unity China and their service offering. Yes, thats right, service offering. Unity is not only committed to making a great tool but its committed to providing ways to bring your creation to the world.. and in this case, that part of the world is China! China’s mobile market is booming and the numbers are staggering in comparison to most other territories. The same goes for Unity. One third of all the unity users in the world are in China and that number is growing rapidly. Why you might ask? Well because of the size of the pie, and Unity is now helping you to get a slice without any cost to you! Thats right, you give em your game, and they do all the work to get it into the Chinese market for a small percentage of profit. I am sure I am simplifying the process but if that at all sounds enticing, make sure to hit Zhenping Guo up for more info.

I also mentioned Text Mesh Pro. For anyone interested in this truly next generation text solution for Unity, check it out here on the Asset Store, or follow Stephan, the author on twitter.

Below are the slides from his great back to back session. If you prefer to download them, the links are at the bottom.

Using Unity to Localize Games in China>

Using Unity to Localize Games in China #

    / [pdf]
Performance Optimization in Unity>

Performance Optimization in Unity #

Be sure to take note of the visuals, they have some great, hard to find descriptions of the inner workings of Unity. Unfortunately for all your web folks, the url for a free license is no longer valid.

    / [pdf]