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Must Have Unity Plugins & Why

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I put together this list of awesome tools to highlight not only the coolest Unity tools that are out there (because they are too many!) but also to highlight the ones I use everyday and would highly recommend any Unity developer to get right now. To clarify, I work mainly on mobile games so these are mainly geared towards mobile development but take a look at the honorable mentions at the bottom.

Text Mesh Pro>

Text Mesh Pro #

TextMesh Pro
I found TextMesh Pro at Unite last year and it was an immediate addition to my tool kit. Its basically true vector rendering in Unity. Single depth texture for all resolutions. Nice and light and works perfectly on mobile.
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2D Toolkit>

2D Toolkit #

2D Toolkit
Even after the new Unity 2D and UI was released, I still use and love 2D Toolkit. There are two main reasons for it. First of, I love having control over my atlases and 2D Toolkit makes it really easy to control multi resolution sprite atlases. Second, and this is the big one, 2D Toolkit allows sprite dicing which is an ingenious method of reducing the size of and packing large sprites.
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So many of you out there might be using JSON FX like I was but JSON.NET is the money! It handles polymorphism and allows you to strip to byte code.
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Prime[31] #

Prime[31] is the undisputed king of Unity integration plugins. If you need to integrate native functionality, these guys generally got you covered. They are so good that Microsoft ever paid them to make the Windows and Windows Mobile plugins. I use their store combo and their Flurry plugins all the time.
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Push Woosh>

Push Woosh #

A great push notifications service that’s easy to integrate and easy to use.

Honorable Mentions>

Honorable Mentions #