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Getting around the Mac as a PC

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Most of the mobile developers I have chatted to have switched to a Mac, and the same is especially try for Unity mobile developers. The main reason is that you can only compile for iOS on a Mac using XCode and there for, there is no way around it. I have tried many different variations before finally giving up and switching and I am relatively happy I did. I still miss ye old Winamp (it really does kick the lamas ass!) and end up paying for a lot of software that would be freeware on PC but I guess thats karma in a way. I want people to pay for my software!

If you are looking for a hybrid solution you have three real options:

  • Get a Mac and duel boot So this is an option if you cant deal with Mac OS. It doesn't really solve the problem of speed but it does allow you to make periodic builds. You still will have to use OSX but not that much. It does bite you in the ass a bit when you are trying to debug your XCode project because you are not familiar with the environment.
  • Use a virtual machine solution So I have met a few devs who do this and are happy. It is slower than if you were working mac but you start to get a general feel for the OS. Its really nice to have access to 3DS Max though, the one thing Mac is really missing.
  • Have both a mac and a PC and use Synergy So this was my last ditch effort at having the two OS's work together. Synergy is a great little program that lets you share mouse and keyboard between computers seamlessly. You will need to use a Version control solution to make sure all the changes move back and forth properly but it works okay. You still have some production lag because you need to check out and open up your project. As nice as it is, its still not as fast as just using a Mac.

Macs sure are more sexy to me than PCs so I feel way cooler at cafes now but I still get frustrated sometimes. So here are a few ways to help.

  • Switch your Command key and your Command/Apple key
  • Use Automator for global hotkeys
  • Use SizeUp to snap your windows
  • Reverse your scroll direction

Thats all I got. I will always be looking for Winamp for Mac, anything I can do to get rid of iTunes but I can get around pretty well. One thing I must say is that the Macbook Pro's with the new solid state drives make compiling for Unity a synch!

Roger Miller
Roger Miller
With 25 years in the technology industry, 6 in XR, 10 in the game industry, and on 4 continents, Roger comes with a breadth of knowledge. He has worked with industry-leading companies such as Ogilvy One, Amazon, and Meta, been a vendor for entertainment companies such as Unity, Amazon, Disney, and HBO, created solutions for BMW and Deloitte, and been nominated for awards such as the IMGA. He has spoken at Unity Unite, is a frequent speaker at Unity User Groups all over the country, and founded the Unity User Group in Bend, OR.