Welcome to Collective Mass Radio, a Unity game technology podcast! Its a collection of “fireside” chats with game developers, designers, artists, producers and everyone else in the game industry who uses Unity to make their content. Enjoy and please leave feedback if you would like to be on the show or would like to request a topic. You can also find Collective Mass Radio on iTunes!

Collective Mass Radio
Game development interviews, tips and tricks using Unity3D. We focus on indie game development using the Unity3D game engine via interviews and hands on discussions. We will be talking to all types of developers from one man in a basement to small teams. Stay tuned for the best juicy Unity game engine info and insights.
Chat with Rich Bisso at Hyperkinetic Studios
by Roger Miller

We chat with Rich about his move to form Hyperkinetic Studios with his two co-founders and what is good production. Hyperkinetic can be found at http://www.hyperkineticstudios.com/ and as usual, check blog.collectivemass.com for more awesome Unity related info.

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Chat with Rich Bisso at Hyperkinetic Studios
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7 Responses to Podcasts

  1. Just wanted to give you some credit for all the hard work, You have a great show! Thank you for doing it.

  2. Dan Miller says:

    I found your Podcasts today covering Unity. Just taking a moment to say thank you, nice job!

    I drive a truck OTR. Listening to the Podcasts made the time fly, and they are informative.

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