About Me

The Collective Mass is welcomes you weary internet traveler. I love games, I make games and I love sharing my findings with the world. When loving so many seat locking activities, one needs to get up and out, and so must eat good food and drink good coffee. These I hope to share as well. To good code, coffee and grub, cheers!

To make games, I have fallen in love with Unity. Its an amazing tool and I hope to share all my important nuggets of information to help the community grow and make better games. Follow me on twitter for Q&A and for help on Unity projects. If I can help you solve your problem, that would make my day 🙂 My twitter handle is @dj_roeeze.

The Collective Mass is currently working with Amorse on Notespace, an interactive music game for girls and a mobile port of our existing XBox game, Alien Jelly. Things are really heating up for us in the Indie game scene this year so stay tuned for all things Alien Jelly, Notespace and Unity!