MonoDevelop Syntax Highlighing Themes

Setting up your workspace is usually a tedious thing. You have everything how you like it and then, you upgrade. Then you have to invest hours to get it back to a zen state of mind. I am that way with my syntax highlighting. After using the traditional white Visual Studio default color scheme for so long that I had to get glasses from the glare, I decided to make a code coloring scheme that was easy on my eyes and still has come Collective Mass flare to it. I had it all going in VS but then moved to Mono. Arg!!! As luck would have it, MonoDevelop does allow you to set your theme, its just a little bit tricky because you have to add the .xml extension onto it to get the system to recognize. In a hope that my hours of faffing around would be a benefit to others, I am sharing my scheme, just download from the link below.

To install it, on Mac, go to MonoDevelop->Preferences and then in the options window that comes up, under the title “Text Editor”, select “Syntax Highlighting”. Once there, just click on “Add” and select the file above.

I hope this is of use to some of you. If you are know a little css, you can edit this theme and make it your own. The more cool themes, the better!

Update: Visual Studio Theme